Happy New Year

Like most, a new year brings new beginnings, new starts and resolutions.  I have never been the sort to make resolutions because if I wanted to change things about my life, I did it there and then, not wait until 1st January.  I have noticed this blogs’ events have been very thin on the ground due to circumstances which I have been unable to control.  So, with this in mind I’m gonna change the dynamics of my blog.  Until now I have used my blog  to record the walks me and mine have done, which seemed to have good feed back so I’m not gonna change that, what I’m gonna do is add more events other than just walks.  This will include shorter blogs which will look at walks, kit, everyday outdoor life, work, family, animals, food and drink.  I think, after reading other blogs, it will be more like a journal with advice (whenever I can give) and decisions I have made.  After all, this year sees me enter my 50th year on this planet so I should know something!

I expect to have at least one new event (is that a good word?) a week if not more.  I’m trying to home in on my writing skills as I retire in 8 years  and may, not confirmed, want to write for a living!

Hope you enjoy!

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