Honey and Mustard Glazed Ham!

One of my favourites at Christmas is a good ham glazed with honey and mustard.

I put cold water in a big pan then put the whole ham in. When it starts to boil, foam will collect on the surface, I then tip the water out and fill back up wuth cold water covering the ham. Back on the heat with a hand full of black peppercorns, 4 Bay Leaves and half an onion. Bring to boil then simmer for 20 minutes per kilo of ham.

When boiled, take the ham out and carefully carve the skin off, leaving the fat on the ham.

Using sharp knife, criss cross the fat down to the meat.

Mix some honey and English Mustard, 4 tablespoons of each.

Baste the ham generously with the mix and place Cloves where the cuts cross.

Place in preheated oven, 200°c for 10 mins. Baste again and back in the oven for another 10-15 mins until the ham goes all nice and gnarly.

Carve up and enjoy!

Lasts for a good few days in the fridge or I’ve frozen sliced up before, but normally it vanishes in days in our house.

Personally, I like to oven bake potato wedges and serve a couple of slices with a fried duck egg!

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