New T5 VW!

As reported in a previous Blog, I have retired at the age of 52.  This was due to ill health, nothing physical but certain issues ‘upstairs’, as in I’ve had a few tiles blow off my roof… if you get my drift!

Anyway, for about 30+ years I have wanted a Campervan.  I have camped in all sorts of tents in the past and enjoy the life outdoors, sleeping out in nature and the way of life that is achieved camping.  After 30 years of being under canvass I’ve decided to ‘upgrade’ to a Campervan.  Basically, I’m getting creaky and my old joints are feeling the effects of my years in the forces and the police.  So, my wife and I decided to use money saved up to have a look at what van we would be suited to.  I didn’t want one of the massive Motorhomes, you know the ones, with a shower, toilet and all the mod cons.  I’ve always fancied the T1 and T2’s but they are expensive, especially parts to repair, but after seeing the newer T5’s dotting about the area I wanted to have a closer look.  We paid a visit to a local(ish) dealer and van converter, the showroom was full of the T6’s and at a big fat price of around 52 grand, our budget was instantly squashed into insignificance.  The salesman/owner was speaking to us and I told him our budget and he giggled a bit.  Then he gave us a lifeline, he said that on rare occasions they convert older vans, you know, old builder’s vans etc.  he took outside and showed us a potential candidate that was outside of our budget, but pulling a few strings and turning a few knobs with our finances we could afford.  Hands were shaken and we were away to await our new Campervan, our very first!

The day came and we turned up at the dealer to collect our investment, I say investment because I have been assured that VW Campervan’s rarely lose a lot of value, especially with a high spec of conversion, which ours has!

We drove out of the dealers with big smiles on our faces sat in the start of our new adventures!