Homegrown Roasted Tomato Soup

It’s started – the polytunnel is producing fruit. As usual, we planted too many tomato plants. We got Shirley’s, Beef, Money Makers, the purple cherry etc. However, Mrs Hiker isn’t a big lover of them so we have a couple of months of lots of tomatoes. So, I have come up with a basic recipe for a soup. Here goes:


A good handful of assorted tomatoes.

A glug of olive oil

Sea salt, ground pepper, mixed dried herbs

A vegetable stock pot

You’ll probably see I’ve thrown a green pepper and a courgette in for good measure too

All I do is get a roasting pan and pour some olive oil on the bottom. Chop the tomatoes etc in half and space out evenly. Season with the salt, pepper and mixed herbs. Whack in the oven for half hour on 180°c. Boil 500ml of water and make the stock. Once fruit is roasted blitz with the stock. Jobs a good ‘un!

Serve with rosemary focaccia which I’m sure I’ve blogged before!

Rosemary and Parmesan Focaccia

Obviously this isn’t my own personal recipe but one borrowed from a decent northern chef!

Anyway, back to some cooking.

Get your ingredients sorted:

375g strong white bread flour 

7g of yeast

About 225ml lukewarm water 

40ml olive oil, maybe a bit more to tart it up at the end.

50g Parmesan cheese.

Slack hand full of Rosemary leaves and keep your sea salt handy.

Putting it all together:

Put flour into mixing bowl, put the yeast on one side and some salt on’t other (they don’t mix raw).  Make a well in the middle and add a bit of the water and oil and mix it up. Add the rest of the water and oil and make a stretchy dough. Kneed it on a floured surface till your arms ache a bit (15 mins) . You can use a mixer if you are a lazy git. 

When it’s nice and stretchy and your hands an’t got any of the mix stuck to them. Put some oil in a bowl and put the dough in, brush some oil on’t top with a fancy brush like I bought owa lass for Christmas. Put some cling film on’t top and let it prove for what seems ages, but about an hour!

When it’s got about twice as big, put it on an oiled baking tray, make it onto a rectangle sort of shape, flattening it a bit. Brush some more olive oil on and cover again for about half hour, till it’s got about twice as big!

Pre heat stove on about 200°c.

After a bit, give the dough a good old prod and sprinkle the Rosemary leaves on top and grate the cheese on it. Seems like there’s loads of cheese but bear with me. Put it all on and some more salt. I didn’t say it was healthy did I!?

Whack in’t stove for about 20-25mins or until golden brown.  

If you want, drizzle a bit more olive oil on when you take it out.

I’ve got some chilli olive oil to dip it in or some marinated feta cheese with chili, garlic and basil oil to dip it in! Find the recipe here