Just a quick one before our week in The Lakes…

So, my last shift done and what a long old slog?!  1700hrs just never seemed to arrive and it seemed more like 24hrs rather than just eleven.  Anyway, quickly saw Kelly at work as she started at 1400hrs but I managed to get to ASDA before I came home.  To my delight, Smirnoff litre bottles on offer for £13 so I got a couple, plus Kelly’s normal vat of Pinot and headed home.  I had two jobs when I got in, clean rabbit and fish tank.  Both jobs executed in text book fashion then time to chill and #FF on Twitter and read up on the Gadaffi carry on.

OK we’re setting off tomorrow (saturday) and get to the static about teatime and chill, plan a route up Haystacks, most probably with X factor as noise in the background.  We’ve decided for Haystacks on Sunday as Kelly’s been going on about it for ages and it will be a nice leg stretcher for the week ahead.  We still haven’t confirmed the next few walks but we will be visiting Ingleton Water Falls for some photo’s for Kelly (Just realised our boots are upside down) but I also think we’ll be in the Dog & Gun more than once.
As I said just a quicky and if you see us in the next week be it on a Fell or in a pub, give us a wave.  Signing off now to find my Smirnoff!